About Chef V

Veronica Velasquez is the Chef and founder of Vegan Feast by V, where she creates plant-based versions of traditional latinx cuisine. Chef V has earned the Waldemar Poppe Culinary award for her famous Oyster Mushroom Street Tacos, and continues to develop exquisite flavors which follow the methods of her Salvadoran foremothers and her culinary training in world-class, plant-based cuisine. Her passion for cooking comes from the freedom of expression that awakens when her hands connect with each ingredient, and the bond she feels to her ancestors when she serves others.

Chef V enjoys cooking with wild mushrooms and creating raw vegan cheeses. When away from the kitchen, Chef V enjoys songwriting and finds joy in floral design. With love and appreciation for fresh ingredients, her mission is to promote compassion, and awareness for all through nourishment while representing the cooking styles of her Salvadoran culture. 

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