Cooked Words


I like this blog thing. If you know me, You’ve probably heard me mention that I prefer writing over speaking. It’s just that spoken words and written words are different to me. I find myself treating written words the same way I treat food; freedom of expression is more fluid through my fingers.

Photograph by Kristina Lakeway

Not too long ago, I was in a group of amazing community-driven people which eloquently expressed themselves with bright ribbons of natural-flowing phrases. I loved it. We laughed, we asked questions, we spoke about real issues surrounding food accessibility in our community. I can’t wait to share space with them again. I pondered on how I could express ribbons of natural-flowing phrases through a meal. I wished I would have brought some of my favorite tacos with me! I day-dreamed of a 24-hour tomatillo sauce cooked slow and with an unforgettable character. I imagined a King Oyster Scallop seared to perfection in paprika butter and a pink lime wedge for a spritz of ooh-la-la. I love self-expression through foods. You tell a story, you travel through time, you release fragrant aromas that fill the room with anticipation and joy. Our words are art, whether they spoken, written, or cooked. Amen.


Hearty Taco Bowl

I remember the last time I had a taco salad on a lunch date with my Mom; sad times. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few days. What if I added roasted brussels sprouts instead of limp chopped lettuce? A little bit of this, a little bit of that… you’ve got yourself a delicious tumeric-crema dressing, slow-cooked adobo mushroom guiso, and a zesty kale salad to hug all the tastebuds with love and nutrition! 

Salvadoran Desayuno Típico

I grew up eating a big breakfast on Saturdays. My dad worked in construction and would always be exhausted from working long days in the sun Monday through Friday; Saturday mornings was our celebration of a big desayuno tipico and his endless funny stories. When I stopped eating dairy and meat, I started working on a plant-based version of my favorite childhood breakfast. I can’t wait until you try it! I offer brunch bowls with seasonal fruit and cold-pressed juices.